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After Joker died, I was beside myself with grief. I couldn't stand going home without my familiar fur-butts running around. I felt as if my heart had been wrenched from my chest! I had just lost my 2 best friends within 6 months of each other and had to do something about it!

We repaired the fence and and went over it with a fine toothed comb! I made up flyers and mailed them out to vets' offices and grooming shops within a 60 miles radius. But the wait was terrible, so I got on the computer and started searching. I have met quite a lot of Chow people over the internet, excellent breeders, show people and pet owners and they have all been very supportive and great to have near. I have learned so much from them and the knowledge is priceless!!

Had no luck in my area so started my search out of state and found a wonderful breeder who had a 7 week old cinnamon male pup!! Now a cinnamon is one of the dilute colors. Chance was born silver and has since changed colors to a fawn or cinnamon color. With the dilutes there is a chance that their noses my go from black to liver, but so far Chance's nose has remained black!

I was ecstatic!!! In my haste to have a pup I bought this boy sight unseen and  I normally would not recommend doing this, as any good breeder will send pictures and background of the pup in question. But desperation played a mighty role here and I couldn't wait! So hence the name Chance, as I took a chance on him! And now I would like to introduce Carla's HiFiven Chancellor!!!
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Chance came to me via the airport and I was so happy to have a new fur-butt in my life again!! He was absolutely a dream come true!!
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Once we got him home and settled he would naturally follow me around everywhere! Here he is laying beneath my computer chair!!
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And wouldn't ya know it, I had another water boy on my hands!!! Here goes the drinking water!!!
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Chance always has to help with everything! See? dishes aren't a problem anymore with him around!
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Who says Chows can't drive?
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Considering I had another water lover, I decided to modify baby bibs to help keep his skin and chest area dry.
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When he was 4 months old I enrolled him in puppy kindergarten. I took him everywhere to socialize him as this is a very big part of training a Chow. In February 1999 Chance took first place and won Super Puppy of his class!!
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After puppy kindergarten, Chance was enrolled in basic obedience and I continued taking him everywhere and having people pet him, for unlike Buddy who was reserved but confident and Joker who was outgoing and confident, Chance is extremely shy of people. So we worked very hard together to overcome this. When it came time for graduation, Mr. Chancellor walked away with first place again and was named Top Dog of his class!!
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During this time my kennel club held an AKC Canine Good Citizenship Award test. I entered Chance and he passed with flying colors! I am so proud of this boy! Even though to this day he remains shy of others but when it comes time for a "stand for exam" he knows to do it and do it well he does!!
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Chance even earned a place on my kennel club's drill team. We do a skit to music with the dogs and entertain young and old alike!
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Chance has been both a challenge (due to his shyness - he was never abused, just born this way) and a pleasure to have around! He is very resourceful and when he wants outside even a closed door won't stop him!!
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And true to form, I take him with me everywhere! My last trip to New Orleans found us in front of the old Voodoo queen Marie LaVeau's tomb.
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Chance and I will continue on with our novice obedience classes as we can and who knows maybe I'll be posting a championship picture of him one day.

The love I have for this boy and the breed itself is without boundaries! Chows are a very special and exceptional breed and need only to be understood and not treated as "any other dog."

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Carla and Chance
AND now I would like to introduce to you the newest addition to my family, Rocky, my Rock Star...please click on the next button.

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